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Dr. Snigdha Vartak

Ayurvedic Consultant
Dr. Snigdha Vartak - Ayurvedic Consultant
13.0 years of experience
+91 9870690689
Licence no.

Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East earned her degree from an esteemed Seth R. V Ayurvedic college and Medical hospital proudly known as Sion Ayurvedic Hospital. She strongly believes in Ayurvedic practices, which lead her to seek apprenticeship with leading Ayurvedic doctors since student years and even in recent times. She has richly mastered the Ayurvedic Naadi Parikshan (Pulse Diagnosis) technique which allows her to accurately diagnose physical mental and emotional imbalances as well as diseases and disorders. She possess a good hand in time tested and age old natural way in Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma Therapies.



Studies and Practices following Ayurveda's prodecures


Everything related to female reproductive health

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Skin health and treatment

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Joints, muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons issue

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Infectious Diseases

Treatment of flu, dengue, covid and more

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Everything related to immune systems

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Recommends well balanced diet plans

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Samanwaya Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic - Mumbai

Samanwaya Ayurveda & Panchakarma Clinic

Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East established Samanwaya Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Clinic in 2012. Samanwaya here means Coordination or Congruence stating Harmony, where things exist in Harmony and this Harmony brings out the best in them. Dr. Snigdha, practices Ayurveda for a Healthy Mind and Body and works to maintain the Harmony between Health and Life through Ayurveda. At Samanwaya Ayurveda, we expertise in treating Gynecological problems, Ayurvedic Dermatology and trichology, Neuromuscular Diseases, Joint Disorders and Digestive Disorders. The clinic has fully equipped Panchakarma Therapy section and Suvarnaprashana - Swarna Bindu Drops treatment ( for children between 0 - 12 yrs). Since November 2017 Samanwaya Ayurved has also started Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Care in collaboration with Keshayurved Hair and Skin Pvt Ltd which is India's 1st ISO certified Ayurvedic Hair testing Lab and Research Centre.


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Frequently asked questions

Is Ayurveda safe for Children?

It is believed that children have a unique balance of Doshas based on their body type also it is considered important to understand your child?s individual needs and curate an Ayurvedic routine for them. It is fascinating to know that childhood as a whole is considered a Kapha phase meaning that all children tend to have excess Kapha energy to help them grow and develop. The excess does not necessarily indicate that all children are imbalanced, but that they may need extra considerations for their Kapha energy to keep them healthy and happy. Dr. Snigdha is very sensitive and humble towards children, it helped her cure many children with Hormonal imbalances Nutritional problems, Puberty issues and Digestive Disorders. Dr. Snigdha is easily approachable by Video or Audio call by booking an Online Consultation or in Clinic at Borivali East.

Can we consult Dr. Snigdha for Knee pain?

Yes, surely, Dr. Snigdha has an expertise in Ayurvedic Orthropedic Medicine. It is always advised to consult a Vaidya or certified Ayurvedic Practitioner to analyze the depth of the Injury or Knee condition. Dr. Snigdha has a rich experience in curing patients with Knee and Joint pain , she will sympathetically look on your previous pain history and other health conditions and answer all your problems efficiently.

How Panchakarma treatment helps Hormonal Imbalances?

Dr. Snigdha an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East sees that nowadays the Hormonal problems are increasing quite excessively. These problems include Imbalance of Thyroid, Improper behaviour of the sex Hormones or this might be a problem with the Pituitary. She believes that Panchakarma chikitsa helps to reach to the root cause of the problem and corrects the essential balance of Tridosha in body. Panchakarma not only helps alleviating Disease but is also a useful tool in maintaining excellent Health. She advises undergoing Panchakarma at the seasonal changes to clean the Body, improve the Digestion and to improve the metabolic processes. Dr. Snigdha has already successfully treated hundreds of patients with the Panchakarma Therapy.

How Panchakarma treatment helps in curing Digestive Disorders?

Among the various positive benefits of Panchakarma on the body, Dr. Snigdha , an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East believes that Panchakarma Therapy helps to rekindle the digestive enzymes or Jataraagni. Proper Digestion and Absorption helps to improve the production of Ojas that imparts vitality to the body. The Doshas that balanced in a Natural way. She believes that it is the best way to ensure good health. Dr. Snigdha believes that Panchakarma purifies both the body and the mind, also the disease causing factors are removed, thus ensuring a state of Wellness.

Is Panchakarma Therapy useful in curing Lifestyle problems and Obesity?

Obesity is described as Medoroga or Sthaulya Roga in Ayurveda. Over indulgence in high fat food, fried items and other high Sugar content food along with sedentary lifestyle leads to accumulation of excess Body Fat which gets deposited in the numerous Body Channels. Dr. Snigdha an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East is dedicated towards providing best practices for her patients, many diverse programs are included in Obesity therapy with the purpose to cut down excess Fat, to correct the irregular metabolism and to clear the body channels. The very diverse Panchakarma Therapy helps to mobilize the accumulated fat, also detoxification clears and prevent its further accumulation. Vamana and Virechana therapies are quite effective and result yielding therapies among Panchakarma procedures. Lekhana Vasti is another special type of enema therapy which is also found beneficial in treating obesity.

How effective is Ayurveda and it's Panchakarma Therapy to treat Diabetes Type II?

While conventional medicine focuses on the patients primary symptoms, Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East views the patient holistically and addresses the underlying cause of the issue. Ayurveda assists you in making basic Dietary adjustments and facilitate Yoga, both of which assist the body to cure naturally. According to Ayurveda there is a build-up of Tissue Toxins that trigger imbalances in all three Doshas which is the ultimate cause of Type II diabetes. This toxin accumulation is caused by poor diet, weak digestion, stress, and stay in excess of sleep. The simple cure method by Panchakarma Therapy for diabetes is to help the patients to get the Doshas back to their normal state of balance. It is a age old scientifically proven method to detoxify your body and cure your inner Doshas. Dr. Snigdha an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali is well practiced in performing the Panchakarma Therapy with her patients, she is easily available for Online consultation via Audio or Video call or in Clinic consultation.

What is Panchakarma Therapy and how it Helps?

Panchakarma Therapy is the age old scientific method which aims on cleansing the body of all the unwanted waste. It is a nature own cure to balance and detoxify the body. It helps you experience deeper Relaxation. It helps in enhancing Mental efficiency and eliminating all deep rooted Tensions, it strengthens the Immune system and also helps in Stronger and Healthier Body. It also helps in better Sleeping patterns, increasing agility and concentration. Adopting the treatment of Panchakarma once a year helps the body to fight against various Health Ailments, Enhancing body's Immunity. Dr. Snigdha an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East has a state of the art facility unit to provide the best experience of Panchakarma Therapy.

What are the Online Consultation Charges for Dr. Snigdha?

Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East can be consulted both Online or In Clinic with a minimal fees of Rs 500. You can simply click on Book Now and take appointment from the slots available for an easy and affordable diagnosis.

What are the Servicable areas for Dr. Snigdha?

Dr. Snigdha in Borivali East is serviceable from all major areas of Borivali, Kandivali, Dahisar, Malad and other areas near Borivali East. For in clinic consultation, prior appointment can be booked online from available slots. Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic Consultant in Borivali East can be easily reached by simple and easy Online appointment in Clinic or over Video call from any location, by simply downloading icareheal app on your phone.

How can we consult Dr. Snigdha?

Dr. Snigdha, Ayurvedic Consultant in Borivali can be easily reached out by Video or Audio call or in Clinic on Monday to Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 to 8 PM, Also Saturdays from 10 AM TO 12 noon and 5 to 8 PM. She is also available on Sundays both Online and her Clinic from 10 AM to 12 noon.

What are the major Specializations of Dr. Snigdha?

Dr. Snigdha , an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East is an expert in Ayurvedic Medicine. She studies and practices all the major Procedures in Ayurveda. She believes in providing state of the art facilities to her patients. She cares and cures patients with Dermatological and trichology problems, Infectious diseases, Nutritional imbalances, Gestroentological issues and Ortophedic problems, PCOD etc.

What is Dr. Snigdha's qualification?

Dr. Snigdha, an Ayurvedic consultant in Borivali East owns Ayurvedacharya (BAMS) degree from an esteemed Seth R. V Ayurvedic college and Medical hospital proudly known as Sion Ayurvedic Hospital.

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